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Welcome to Northern California Co-Dependents Anonymous!


EXPLORE AND DEEPEN YOUR RECOVERY! Did you know that NorCal CoDA sponsors four (4) one-day Regional Mini Conferences throughout the Northern California region each year in cooperation with our local CoDA communities?  

Come enjoy clean & sober fellowship and a full day of workshops and seminars focusing on recovery from codependency. 


Winter Mini-Conference
Saturday, January 23, 2016.

United Methodist Church, 2101 Zinfandel Drive, Rancho Cordova, CA. Area

Spring Mini-Conference 4/2/2016

South Bay/Palo Alto Area

Summer CoDA Mini-Conference Annual Assembly-Election of Officers Santa Cruz Area

Fall Mini-Conference

San Francisco Bay Area

This site is dedicated to everyone who struggles with the issues of codependency.

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GIVING BACK: We also send three delegates to the annual CoDA World Fellowship Service Conference to vote on issues that affect all of us for "CoDA as a whole". The conference last 5 days and we provide approximately $1000 per delegate to reimburse them for expenses. We depend on contributions from meetings within our region to fund this service. THANK YOU FOR YOUR 7th TRADITION CONTRIBUTIONS!

"To Thine Own Self Be True"

CO-DEPENDENTS ANONYMOUS is a fellowship of men and women whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships. The only requirement for membership is a desire for healthy and loving relationships. 

We rely on the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions for knowledge and wisdom. These are the principles of our program and guides to developing honest and fulfilling relationships. 

Through applying the Twelve Steps and principles in CoDA to our daily life and relationships, both present and past, we can experience a new freedom from our self-defeating lifestyles and realize a new joy, acceptance and serenity in our lives.

No matter how traumatic our past or despairing our present may seem, there is hope for a new day in the program of Co-Dependents Anonymous. No longer do we need to rely on others as a power greater than ourselves. May we instead find here a new strength within to be that which God intended - Precious and Free!

At NorCal CoDA, our purpose is to provide an effective communication network between NorCal CoDA Communities and CoDA World Fellowship.

We are volunteers of our "Regional Intergroup" serving our CoDA members, their Home Groups, and local CoDA Communities in 48 counties in Northern California:  <see NorCal CoDA Communities>

Service Structure of CoDA


If so, CLICK HERE to go to our SPONSORSHIP page  .... 

LIVING THE 12TH STEP: if you would like volunteer to be of service within our NorCal CoDA Community, please contact us. We are planning lots of activities to strengthen our fellowship and appreciate all who are guided to be of service. (service positions open & job descriptions)

If you are new to Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA), you may find the following useful in determining if you suffer from codependency:
Patterns and Characteristics Of Codependency & Tools for Recovery. Look for meetings in your area. If there isn't one nearby and you would like to start a meeting, we will be happy to help you. Contact us.

Also, please visit CoDA World Fellowship for more information on codependency and the recovery available through this program.


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