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Steps to Recovery from Codependence

Quarterly Conferences

NorCal CoDA sponsors 4 one-day regional conferences throughout Northern California each year hosted by with local CoDA communities.  The one day conferences provide in depth, all day workshops from presenters who have worked the 12 Steps, many of whom had years of CoDA recovery. More


Becoming a sponsor (or being sponsored) is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself in recovery. The relationship between sponsor and sponsee is a very structured one, one where you can work on your own relationship skills without the complications of romance, family ties or work. More

CoDA Literature

CoDA relies upon a unifying message and consistency for those working the Steps in part by providing access of approved books, workbooks, foundational documents , and literature.  See our suggested introduction of literature to get you started or working the program.   More

Working the Program

Working the Program of Co-Dependents Anonymous is based on the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions  for those seeking a fulfillment of  positive, healthy and loving relationships.  CoDA encourages attending meetings, reading literature, and being of service.  More