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Northern California CoDA is a a community of men and women who have found value from working the CoDA 12 Step Program. Having achieved a greater value of their personal recovery, we volunteer to share the message of hope with others.

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You are welcome to submit your inquiry to our general email.

Where Can I Find a CoDA Meeting?

CoDA meeting resources are listed on the NorCal CoDA meeting page.

Contact CoDA Meetings with meeting updates or if you believe a meeting may have been abandoned.

Please remember that your inquiries are managed by volunteers in service to the CoDA community. We appreciate your patience.

  Email Name City
Chairperson Leslie C. Walnut Creek
Vice Chair Vacant
Secretary Brian B.
Treasurer Debbie W. Sacramento
Primary Delegate Jim Y. San Francisco
Secondary Delegate Salle San Jose
Alternate Delegate Jack S. San Jose
Sponsorship Keir J. Sacramento
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Hospitals and Institutions (H&I) Vacant
Webmaster Rich M. Sacramento


We Appreciate Your Patience

We appreciate you contacting us. Please remember that CoDA is a group of people, many with life experiences similar to you, offering a service to community as an expression of their support of the program.  We appreciate your patience and courteous messages.

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General Inquiries

Submit questions of to our general email.


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The CoDA 'World' website can be found at

Meeting List

All CoDA meetings can be found on the NorCal and regional websites. See our meeting page with helpful information..