Northern California Co-Dependents Anonymous

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Quarterly Regional Mini-Conferences

NorCal CoDA sponsors four - one day regional "Mini Conferences" throughout the Northern California region each year in cooperation with our local CoDA communities and intergroups.

Mini-Conferences provide in-depth, all day workshops from presenters who have worked the 12 Steps sharing their experience, strength, & hope of recovery.

A number of workshops are hosted throughout the day focused on different aspects of recovery from codependency and building healthy relationships using CoDA tools and resources. The presentations vary according to topic, presenter, and their method of engaging the workshop attendees. All offer practical insights into real personal recovery and happiness.



NorCal CoDA Intergroups organize and host the mini-conference typically following this schedule:

2022 CoDA World Service Conference & Convention

Sunday, August 21 - Sunday, August 28. Plan ahead by reserving your seat and accommodations.  Join CoDA participants from near and far as we gather to celebrate CoDA recovery world-wide!  This event currently scheduled to be held in Rapid City, South Dakota.

CoDA World Service Events

CoDA 'World' Calendar of events offers a number of regional mini-conferences and special events in California and throughout the United States - and the CoDA World.


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