Northern California Co-Dependents Anonymous

Foundational Literature

CoDA Program Consistency

These are our CoDA foundational Documents.  At each CoDA sanctioned meeting and event, we read a minimum the CoDA Preamble, Welcome, 12 Steps, and 12 Traditions.  These readings, along with the availability of CoDA Service Conference Endorsed literature at your meeting, creating CoDA unity as called for in First Tradition.

Why We Read These?

Many ask why we read the "Foundational Literature" at each meeting. We believe there is much value to be gained starting out a CoDA meeting affirming at each meeting the value we find to the the program and assure that the meeting follows the 12 Traditions.

Affirming Recovery

All CoDA sanctioned meetings and events include the reading of - at minimum - the Preamble, Welcome, 12 Twelve Steps, and 12 Traditions.  Meetings are routinely closed by reading and affirming the 12 Promises.

CoDA Meeting Readings



12 Steps

12 Traditions


Where Can I Obtain CoDA Books, Pamphlets, & Literature?

Many CoDA meetings have a literature table with a number of inexpensive pamphlets, CoDA books, and other CoDA literature.

CoDA literature is also available to order online.


CoDA Newcomer Welcome Packet

Welcome to CoDA is a free pamphlet specifically designed for those new to CoDA. The pamphlet is filled with CoDA foundational materials, including the 12 Steps, 12 Traditions, Patterns and Characteristics of Codependency, and other helpful CoDA tools.

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Contact us with questions about CoDA. Please remember we are an all-volunteer organization.